Saturday, August 16, 2014

Virus Risks and Homeland Security

When we discuss International Terrorism, most people think in terms of bombings, hijackings or worse nuclear weapons in the hands of the bad guys. Indeed, these are serious, but what about diseases and viruses? What about Bird Flu mutations or, Small Pox or Ebola mixed with the common flu. Not very funny and no one wants to talk about it, yet we must as our enemies are.

So, lets talk shall we? I am concerned that we use eggs to make vaccines and if we get bird flu? Well, what eggs should we use? Some research has been going on using e.Coli, but just the thought of its use to make vaccines is a little scary. Apples can be used, not, as efficient and look how many people there are? There are several new companies with some incredible headway being made in the rapid creation of vaccines.

Yet, we see another issue, as one company is buying up all the Star Anise for Bird Flu and they are making vaccines too. Still if Bird Flu hits the US hard, we have no clue which strain might become the next pandemic. Some believe that China is testing on their own people in the Western Provinces and what about the 2-flights a day on AA to Vietnam non-stop to NY? I mean everything is set up for a disaster and it seems no one gets it.

The Bush administration did buy 10 Billion in Bird Flu vaccine, but we do not know if H5N1 will be it? Could be something else, but sometimes you have to spend money just in case. The H5N1 could easily mutate just like other viruses have in the past and are doing today.

In fact, I had read some really frightful problems in dealing with the testing of Ebola. It is an interesting virus, even more interesting is that a very few people can survive some strains. Wow, that is as interesting as the prostitute in Nairobi who is 60 years old and never gotten HIV, works everyday? Her white blood cell count is through the roof, but still it is amazing, genetically. We have many human anomalies out there, fascinating stuff.

On the vaccine issue, just because we have them does not mean they are still good, as they have a shelf life and vaccines are unsafe often enough and long-term they do not work. We see all sorts of problems with vaccines today, some are attempting to link these issues to the increase in autism and there is a small percentage of children that it just ruins them for life (could be the mercury).

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